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2-Factor Login – Must have to log in to this site

I had to place a 2-factor login to the web page for extra security. So when you purchase an item you will be given an option to create an account or be a member. The advantage to this will be that you can track your buys and receive the postage tracking number. You can also look over previous purchases.

Thus, when you try to login to this web site you will be sent an email by the 2-factor component of this web page. you will get a number and all you need to do is type that number into the field. then you are in.

Why? Just like we all get phone calls from scammers trying to get our personal information from us. There are people out there trying to log in to this site, that wants to change setting so they get the money from purchases.

Also if you are logged into this page for more than an hour you may be automatically logged off. This is just in case you have left a shared computer, while you are still logged in, and someone else buys stuff under your name.

2 Factor Login - Must have
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