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My Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop

Raspberry pi 4
Raspberry pi 4
Raspberry pi 4

My New-look Raspberry Pi 4 Look.

I have been using the Pi4 for some time now for my Stock inventory and Picture Gallery for this website. It feels so much more protected with the new case from PI-Mania for $51.85. Then there is the Raspberry Pi4 8Gig  that you can get from the same place for $129.95. The TV is from the Tip Recovery Centre for $50. and I am sure you can pick up a keyboard and mouse for about $50.

So all in all the setup cost me $281.80 for an office.

I can get onto all the streaming movies and youtube if I wish or watch some movies that I have sitting on my external hard drive. 

So a big Thanks to Pi-Mania.


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