Auction and Trading Mart

ABN:- 72991323147

Phone:- 0416339124

I am the third generation secondhand dealer and Auctioneer. I have been trading online for about 6 years now. In 2019 I did a full transfer to an online-only shop, thus my bricks and mortar shop is a thing of the past as I now have a second job as a Therapist.

I am the one that buys the stock, lists the stock, takes the photos of the stock, packs and wraps the stock, and then posts the stock.

If you have any questions, want more pictures of the items that are up on this page, I will be the one talking to you on the phone or by emailing you. 


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My Family started business in Orange in the late 1950s.

They had the General Disposal Store on the corner of Byng Street and Anson Street, now occupied by K-mart. My mother was still a teenager when she started working in the shop. My Grandfather worked on an asparagus farm to earn the money to buy the business from another person. My Grandmother originally ran the shop while my Grandfather was still working as a diesel mechanic. It was not too long when the secondhand business was earning more than what my Grandfather would make as a mechanic. Thus he closed his workshop down and the family were all secondhand dealers. 

old shop

By the early 1970s My grandfather bought a property at 137 Peisley St in Orange. He built a large shed and called it Auction and Trading Mart.

He worked hard being an Auctioneer selling deceased estate, bank rupias, and taking consignments from government departments and privet people. My Mother then became an Auctioneer as well. My Mother and Grandfather were the backbone of the business, while my grandmother was the book-keeper. Before I had left school I became part of the business. Working on the weekends and helping unload truck loads of furniture and small goods as soon as I got home from school. I then went to TAFE of a night time while doing school during the day in my final year at school, so I too could be an auctioneer. Then from 1987 to 2000 was part of the family business. Till one dreadful day I was moving furniture and injured my back. Three Doctors told me to stop doing what I am doing or live in a wheelchair. So I had to change the direction in my life. I went to University and became a Therapist.

Soon after my mother passed on, I started a second-hand shop with a good friend and we would swap shifts. I would go to work as a therapist and my friend would look after the shop, then visa versa. The shop was going so well I was contemplating going back into dealing with house holds goods once again. As time passed My teenage sweetheart came back to Orange. We got married a year later, and we tried to keep the shop running. We just could not sustain a family and have 4 full time jobs between the two of us. My wife working one job and looking after the shop and my self working 2 jobs. Something had to give. This is when we sold the property my grandfather built and I remain a therapist. I saw that I could keep the shop going online. Well why not, people stopped having garage sales and sold on social media. Selling online got me through university. To be frank, secondhand shops were dying, everything was going online. We once had 7 secondhand shops in Orange now we only have 2 antique shops.

In my mind I would love to start have a bricks-and-mortar shop once again, I miss the personal contact. However I enjoy being a therapist as well.