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Bulletin Board – What and Why

I use FaceBook though I do not really like to use it, is really the only place where you can get in touch with others that want to buy and sell items for free. But if you want to contact a dealer you can only do this one at a time.

So I have created a Free Forum.

I hope in time many Dealers and Non-Dealers will be a part of to use. It will grow with need and request. But as it is is still new I will be making modifications to appearance and so forth. 

At this stage, I have Forum Sections for you to post in:-

  • New Users
  • WTB – Want to buy
  • WTS – Want to sell
  • Dealers
    • Q&A Technology
    • Q&A Laws Stuf
    • Stories

It is all Free. 

And when you register Please introduce your self and help me promote your Access Level. That is If you are not a Dealer you cannot post in the Dealers section, But you can read it. and as the Forum gets more popular I will have private sections for dealers.

So Please spread the word to everyone you know.

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