Conditions Of Sale

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  1. The highest offer shall be the purchaser on the item/s after one month.
  2. The payment shall bind and constitute them to the lot sold.
  3. All lots are open for inspection prior to the sale and are sold with all faults if any. If you desire more pictures please contact the owner of the web site.
  4. No error or misdescription of any kind: shall vitiate, the sale and the purchaser shall be bound to take delivery of the goods sold without allowance or abatement in price.
  5. Any deficiency in the quantity or quality described shall not vitiate the sale, But neither the web site owner nor the Vendor shall be bound to deliver more than is in their possession.
  6. All goods lie at the purchaser’s risk when item is in transit (Via Postage), and neither the Web site owner nor the Vendor shall be accountable of any deficiency, damage or loss which may arise thereafter.
  7. All items will be packed with the utmost care and anticipation of possible damage when in transit.
  8. The item/s will be deemed to be your item upon payment.
  9. Sale tax, GST tax, where applicable is payable on all items.
  10. The web site owner reserves the right to cancel a sale of any item/s without explanation after payment has been made. A full refund will be given back to the purchaser. 
  11. To withdraw any lot or lots from the sale even when described on catalogue or being on display. It will be deleted from the web site at my earliest convenience. 
  12. To keep secret the existence “Et Quatum” as secret of the reserve price, if any.
  13. To refuse any person or persons admission to. Or Eject them from the web site.
  14. Any bad behaviour or rude text messages, emails, or comments will not be tolerated and any negotiations will cease. any refund promised by the web site owner will be withdrawn, and you will not be permitted to buy from this web site.
  15. In the event that a refund is given, the refund will only be for the amount of the item and not include the cost of postage. If the use of Paypal is not an option for a refund then the refund will be given as store credit. You will be able to view your store credit Here
  16. The web site owner reserves the right to ask for more money only if the cost of Postage and Packaging is more than what is originally quoted by the web page.