Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How do I make an Offer on an Item?

What is the size of the item?

How do I work out the postage?

How Not to make an Offer?

Why do I add $5 Handling on the postage?

How do I know if there is Damage to an Item?

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  1. Hi I had a cart ready to pay for with green glass butter dish lid, chipped green vase, pink vase, ceramic vase and black pearl vase and my internet cut out and now I can’t get back to pay for the order. Please help

    1. Hi – Thanks for a lovely phone call.

      This is only one reason why becoming a member has an advantage. When you buy items as a guest and do not tick that box to become a member of the page. You do loos the option of coming back to see your past orders.
      Your Order did go through and it is recorded as a direct deposit. An email should be sent to you by the automated web page with the account details. As per the phone call I sent you those details vis SMS.

      I will make a video of all the advantages of being a member.

      Thank you for your good question.

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