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Smolle’s early Auctions

I was born the day after they had an auction. I had nothing but fond memories of those old auction days. My father John left our family soon after his mother came over from Austria. I never did see him again. I think I was about 5 years old at the time.

In this parking lot outside the Auction house was my back yard. I played ball in it when there noe one around. and when there was an auction on I would play with the kids that came to the auction with their parents. I recall that My Grandfather would call out from the rostrum “keep those kids quiet”. Then someone would then tell him that it’s his kids that are so loud. Then my Mum came out to chastise us.  

This picture must have been made around 1975. My grandmother is in the center of the photo holding my brother. and John my father is directly behind me.

After John left the family I started calling My Grandfather, Dad. Thus if I talk about Dad, it is my grandfather that I am talking about.

My Grandfather, Dad, held many charity Auctions. He donated his time to a lot of good charity organizations.

So in this picture. On the fare left is John, next to him is my Mother, Monica. The man in the middle, I have no idea how he is. then is Frank my Grandfather, Dad. then there is my Grandmother Louise.

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