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Smolle’s in the 60s

These next pictures are of my Grandparents building their first home and garage in Orange. You can see my Mother here as a child. My Grandfather could not afford to buy bricks so he made his own, 2 at a time.

I recall My Grandfather tells me that when he was digging the foundations that the Kookaburras would start laughing and it was the first time he heard them. he would stand up to see who was laughing at him.

My Grandfather had stopped smoking while he was building the home so the extra money would be used on the house. He promised that he would have a smoke when the last sheet of iron was on the roof. When the last sheet was in place and secuered he had a smoke and the next thing he knew was that he was vomiting like mad.

This was his car at the time. Years later he was sad that he got rid of “Old Lizy”. Because it is now worth a lot of money.

On the corner of Bying Steet and Anson Street, they had a Disposal Shop. KMart is now on this site.

In this picture is my Grandfather, Frank Smolle and my Mother, Monica Smolle ant the tender age of 18.

History 1960s - By the Truck
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