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This Was Our Shop

This was our shopfront from 2006. We have a lot of history at this address. Our family started here in 1971. I will talk more about the history in coming posts.
There were 16 Glass cabinets full of delicate glassware and china. Along the wall, there were about 10 meters of glass shelving.

There was also about 24 meters of metal bay shelving full of more Chinaware, Vases, Ornaments, and Glassware. Not to forget standard lights. You can just imagen the time it took to do stock-taking. It was also a nightmare keeping track of were items were that was sold online. and to make sure we do not sell things twice, online and in the shop. The things nightmares are made of.

Here you can see the glass shelving. The mirror behind the shelving was a great touch. There were originally picked up at the recital shop for $20 each and then went back there after we closed the shop. Many people commented on them.

With the furniture, we tried to keep a good mix of antiques and contemporary secondhand furniture. Trying to anticipate what people want ahead of time was a hard job. However, so many people loved the shop and always came in to see what was new.

There were times I had the dinning tables stacked 3 high. This really upset my wife as she is a lot smaller than I. This happened often when I put items out of her reach. This also made it hard for me when it was time to deliver items. Moving some furniture just to get one item out and then re-set the shop. 

The hardest thing about running the shop was that both of us had other jobs. My wife works at an exclusive restaurant and ran the shop. While I work as a Drug and Alcohol Worker and ran the shop. So when I was at work Liz ran the shop and Visa Versa. This made us great at time management as we were also foster parents of 3 kids and have our own daughter. Having the shopfront closed now and keeping the online shop running has given up so much time with the kids. Furthermore, we have time for our selves and less tired. 

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