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Hero’s Journey – Step 5 – Into the Belly of the Beast

In to the place where change and magic happens. Here we travel in to a place where find our self in “No-Man’s Land”. We are entering a place where we do not know the rules and we do not know the people. We cross the threshold with all our preconceptions, biases and Goals. We think that we are in a rough ride and we are all alone. however all our ideas about what we are about to go through is so wrong. The people around us will tell us that we will fail and and that we cannot do it. Don’t listen to them.

Fear of change:-

The belly of the beast is not a bad place. It is however a place of change where your character will be tested. Those with the fortitude to survive the departure from your normal life without quitting . It is by quitting that the return to the belly of the beast is almost guaranteed, if not it is a life of regret for not taking the opportunity that was given.

What is the Belly of the Beast?

It is a place and the company you have found your self in. In the past it has been depicted as being swallowed by a whale in Jonah’s story. It is being on the boat with Captain Ahab. It is walking into the cantina for the the first time with Luke Skywalker or going into that cave where Yoda tells Luke “you will find only that with which you take with you”. It is Rocky Balboa committing himself to being a full time boxer in training. It is a magical place where lessons are learnt, skills developed and the realization that all the power was always within you.

In movies mentors stay the same from beginning to end. But in real life mentors come and go, they may stay for a short time or a long time. This is also true about the time you spend in the belly of the beast. The magical place may be in a Detox or Rehab facility that I work at, It could also be a meeting in an office or or around a tool box. Like wise it can be from cradle to grave, going to jail, TAFE, university or school. Or some of the biggest changes in life, like getting a new job, opening a business, getting married or having a child.

Your normal life is left on the other side of the threshold and after leaving the belly of the beast or magical place you will never be the same. From here on in more time will be taken to describe what happens in the magical place. I will talk about real world examples of lessons learnt and outline personalities, archetypes and how one’s character is tested. 

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