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ICE: The Theatre of the Mind.

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The remarkable thing about the brain is that when you imagine an event or do something or plan out an activity? The brain does not know the difference between your imagination and reality. This is one reason why when we watch a movie. And we really get involved in the movie. We still feel embedded in that movie after we leave the theatre. The imagination is so powerful that when we observe somebody about to plan an activity safely. For example, for landscape artists or even interior decorators, first thing they will do is sit down and look at the canvas they’re going to work with. They could sit there for quite easily Half an hour and hours, sometimes for days and then, Once their imagination has every rock in place And all the plants set up. An interior decorator has all the lounges and drapes in the colour style. In place in their own imagination. Then they will pick up their tools and go to work. The most famous story is about when the statue of David by da Vinci being created where the artist would stare at this block of marble for months on end, and then he put a chisel and hammer into the marble and outcome the statue of David. And when asked, how did you get such a beautiful figure? He said it was always there. All I had to do was take away the superfluous nobs. So we can say that our imagination helps us in our every moment of the day, it’s quite remarkable. We can rehearse speeches. So why do we talk to our loved ones, And then put those words into action, likewise, we can. Think about what we’re going to do in the day at work while we’re driving to work around commuting to work. I’m thinking about how the day is going to unfold, and purely through our imagination. We can make the day glorious or make the day a living Hell. So you may ask. What has this got to do with ice? That lovely drug that people seem to gravitate to, and then get lost in that drug.

In the mind’s eye of the one in an ice psychosis, what happens in the mind is reality and gets superimposed over the top of and embedded into the interpretation of reality. This added superimposed imagination we call a delusion. A delusion that is so real in the mind that the theatre of reality is the theatre of the mind played out to reinforce the imagination within the psychosis. From the outside looking in it is hard to differentiate between this and paranoid schizophrenia.

I recall many occasions where I observed ice psychosis over the years.

The one behaviour that is common to all, is that while in conversation, they will take constant glances around them or out the windows.

I was talking to a young man outside the unit, the sun had just fallen from the sky and those things called stars started shining. “Frank, you stare at that star there, keep your eye on it and you will see it move, … I tell you Frank that’s a drone keeping an eye on me”. No matter how much I told him that it was a star, the more he told me that is what they want us to believe.

Sometimes you need a hook to help the person stay connected with you, and not let their psychosis go too far. When you know the person for some time, the fella was glancing out the windows and in a heightened state of alert. So I started talking about boxing and his training. This got him back to being in reality, but the look of fear was still on his face. He asked if we could pray. We prayed for his safety and for the staff to do their job. He was then able to relax.

The spies are everywhere. They could be from the Government, the Illuminati, the Armed forces, the Black Hidden Government that control the governments of the world, or even Aliens. They are keeping an eye on me, tracking me, watching every move, listening to every word I say. The old lady with the walker was following me around the supermarket. Then followed me to the checkout, just to watch what I bought and what I say, she is working for the government. When at home, or out walking the same car circles the block watching me. I block out the windows of the house with aluminium foil so they cannot listen to me or watch me, and stop the transmission from the spy devices from getting out. The smoke alarms are fake, they are hiding spy devices inside them. They could also be doing experiments on me.

That’s my life. I had no idea they were following me around with a camera. that movie, TV show and Books are all about me. How did they know my life so well? I like the actors to play my part and the supporting actors are so spot on. How did they know all of that? They were following me around, I knew it. They have stopped following me now that I am clean. I am convinced that they put tracking devices in the drugs that I took so they knew what I was doing all the time. I know they aren’t doing it now because I have not taken any ice for about a month now. Well ok, I had one more blast just before I came to rehab. How dare they make that script without my permission? They would not have the story if it was not for them tracking me all the time. Every book in that bookshelf is about me. they are making all that money selling my story and I am not seeing a penny of it.

Spirits, aliens, and fairies are real. Hay what are you doing? “I am putting all these dolls and teddies out in the garden so the fairies have something to play with overnight”. So some of the other clients got up early and moved the dolls and bears around. Then she got up and was totally convinced that the fairies played with the toys. But when this tern bad they do. she found out. “My bro is up there in the satellite watching you and he will have something to say about this. She marches inside and starts talking to the mirror. I ask what are you doing. “I am communicating with my Bro in the satellite. So that was that. But we do not ware foil hats for humans, we needed them to stop the aliens from reading my mind or to control me through thought. But then the spirits talk to me and help me so much. I do not need to wear my glasses any more because the spirits have healed me. That was a funny day when he kept on walking into door frames and chairs.

The saddest thing about ice psychosis is that they believe it so deeply that nothing that you say can convince them of the delusions is harming their life and the people around them. One fella told me that he walked some 300 kilometres on foot and then jumped into the bushes and shrubs that lined the road whenever a car came past. He thought everyone, I mean everyone was out looking for him.

These delusions feel so real that they are convinced of these delusions for a long time after the drug-taking stops. No matter how much you tell them that they are just not that important and that they are worth spying on or tracking. I recall watching Breaking Bad where Jessy was suffering an Ice psychosis so bad that he thought his life was in danger because two Jehova Witnesses were after him.

Be mindful that there is a drug-taking scene in this clip.

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