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What Is Caveat-Emptor

The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

The sad thing about this is that if you do not ask any questions or try the item out before money is exchanged, you really do buy what you see and that is what you get. 

When I bought fridges, freezers, and washing machines, I would put it through its paces before I would pay for them. I have had to return items back to their owner a number of times because what was said and the performance of the item was not congruent. I have been stupid many times as well because the seller looked, acted, or spoke in a trustworthy fashion and I was taken in. I had to wear it. As a shop, My reputation was worth more than the price of an item. So if I sold something that did not meet the purchase expectations I would either give the money back or exchange the item. I would think twice when buying from a private person online. Insist that you see the item working in front of you. Ask to have the fridge or freezer switched on 24 hours before you come to inspect the item.

Also, Look at the last post. Get a receipt stating the condition of the item you are buying. Furthermore, make sure the person you are dealing with is over 18years of age. Because a contract cannot be made with a person under this age. Likewise, the seller or buyer must be of a capacity to make an informed choice. Thus a person that is not of a mental capacity to understand a contract may not enter into a contract.

If you would like to argue this please do some research your self… You can start here:

It is so unfortunate that you cannot take a person at their word. But this is the nature of human behavior of one without moral fortitude. One only needs to watch the news or A Current Affears show to see an incident where someone has taken advantage of a person with incapacities in one way or another.

The name of the game is to protect your self. Do not be taken in for a deal that is too good to be true. or like what I have seen just recently, a 14 year old selling his X Box and 3D headset online, that was given to him by his parents, and his parents do not know about it.

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