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OMG – When things just do not work

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

I installed a plugin so that other people (Vendors) may also sell their items on my web page. I wanted to do this for free to those with an ABN. BUT…

I took in a deep breath of Oxygen.

I almost set fire to the computer so that it would burn like Magnesium.

The plugin had a great right-up about it. Lots of great reviews. But it looked good from the front end, that what all of you, the visitors, to this web page could see. But on the back end, that is a different story.

I could no longer write these blog postings.
I could no longer post items up on the page.
I could not edit my pages.

Really, in short, My page fell apart on the back end. I can only say that I am so glad that I made a backup of the page before I installed the plugin. 

I am sorry the page was down for about a day. But these things happen… Hopefully not that often. 

Thankfully any purchases that were made were recorded and they will be sent out ASAP. This all happened on the 6th of December 2019. 

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