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What does it take to Post an Item?

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I have been asked often about what it takes to post items?

  • As you can see I need to take photos of each item.
  • Crop each picture and then reduce the size of the to make the size less than 1 meg in size.
  • Weigh each item and then measure it, so that postage can be calculated.
  • Upload the pictures.
  • Write the title and short description.
  • Once this is done, I wrap the item and box it waiting for the sale.
  • Catalogue the item so I know where the item is stored.
  • Then when the item is sold, I retrieve the item from storage.
  • Bubble wrap the items.
  • Box the item.
  • Take the item to the post office and send it.

It takes about 15 minutes to put one item up on the web page. Anyone that has ever sold something of FaceBook or eBay knows what it takes.

This why I was so proud of the long work of reaching 3000 items for sale on the web page. Just think 3000 X 15min = 45000 minuets.

or 750 hours of work, that’s not including so many other items that were already sold.

Unlike so many other Eshop pages, I have one-off items, as the nature of the secondhand business. While I do have another full-time job. Time to post items is hard to find at times.

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