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The Hero’s Journey – The Trials of becoming a Master

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We think that when we become the master that all the trials are over and all is easy sailing from here on in. This is far from the truth. We are in constant battle with our self. The baggage that we have learnt to let go of is still in storage within our memories. The repository of all our experiences lay within us. Our interpretation of those past experiences builds our script for life, our story, your story. When we live in those memories retelling the story to our-self and to others with our interpretation of our memories, we alter and strengthen those flawed memories. We are persistent in trying to find an answer to our past where there are none. We do think of the actions of the past as actions made with the knowledge that we had within that time. We look back with the knowledge that we have now and think our self as foolish and blame our self for those actions. Like wise we think or search for a way out of a situation that is lost in the past, without thinking that sometimes shit just happens and their is no-one to blame but the unfairness of life.

The past is a dangerous path to tread. Our memories trap us in looking for resolution of the experience and never see the lesson in the past. We look for blame and never find justice because there is non to find. we want to persecute or punish another, but find no weapon to carry out the justice that you think needs to be fulfilled. The answer you want to seek will never be found. the answer you need is too hard to accept.

Life is not fair. It is what we do with the memory that matters not the reliving of those memories. Life sux at times but by experiencing life we learn that life has no other meaning to it other than the meaning we we give it. The Master must acknowledge this.

When the master moves on from the world they came from. The Master is only the master of the world they once inhabited. they are not the master of the new world of their chousing. So lets take a a person that has spent the last 17 years as a therapist. He is a master in that world. He knows the answers to a lot of questions and can demonstrate all the lessons within an example in life. He is the master because he has lived therapy for 17 years. There is nothing new, all the dramas are just old dramas repeating. all the challenges are over and gone because all the challenges have been mastered and nothing is new. The Master is stagnate without further growth. This is where the Master needs to start a new cycle of the hero’s journey. The Hero will know when he needs to take a new journey, if not he will be kicked out of their stagnation, one way or another.

The greatest challenge for the Hero is in the fact that the hero is not the hero he thought himself to be and the knowledge that he gained from the previous trials will not be useful in defeating the challenge and concerning his own inadequacy. The hero is once again a novice, and will need to rely on a master to help him to through the triles and tribulations. The only difference is that the now novice has the confidence to be the novice and be more open to learning from a master and reduce their ego and accept the being the novice that they are. If the now novice retains his arrogance and keeps their ego, the once hero truly did not learn the true meaning of being a master.

In my change of job from being a Drug and alcohol therapist and now an NDIS Support Coordinator. The lesson I had to learn is that in my head I was expecting the jobs to be the same and I was constantly comparing my old job with this new job. Like I told my boss. I have been eating at the one restaurant for years and now that I am eating at a new restaurant, I am expecting the taste of the food to be the same. The dish of my old job is not the same as the dish of this job. The challengers are different and the knowledge base that I have can only help so far. There is so much that is different. I am a step back from the coal face. I am no longer getting my hands dirty with the clients. I am now organising the coal face workers and telling others where the coal seam is and how to get the best out of the coal. I am now helping the helpers to direct their work to be affective for the client to reach their goals. I am no longer the Master I am now but a student becoming a master once again. I think the greatest knowledge that has become a habit is that I communicate well and that I never forget to thank others for the work that they are doing, and the effort that they have put into their work.

The Hero should never stop looking for new challenges. Stagnation is the death of the hero within. The longer the stagnation persists the greater the dissatisfaction grows and soon that dissatisfaction will mutate into resentment and can become anger and hatred. the stagnate hero will feel unappreciated and under utilised, because what the stagnate hero craves is something new, a challenge.

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