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What happened to my website?

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

In extension – What the hell happened to all the stock?

I did what I always did for the last few years. I uploaded the pictures of the items that I had for sale and then typed in the description of the item and the quantitative data of the item. The Weight, height and depth and so on. But then I tried to log on and I got a Nast Red web page warning me that the site had a virus and warning me away from the page.

All this happened about a month ago, maybe less.

After several emails to my Hoasting company and days of waiting. I finally got an email that the site had a malware virus on it. They tried to fix it. then I went into the Control Panel of the web page and it happened again. The Red screen, the warning, My heart sank.

The Malware went further.

I lost everything. 5 years of data entry and pictures. Thank God I back it all up. I could have been lazy and not tye my camel up.

I have moved to a new hosting company. Moved my Domain name. and Now I am uploading my backup when that is over I will import all the stock I had online.

You know there are over 300,000 pictures. It will take a while.

Please have patience with me. it will take a bit of time.

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