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Covid19 Impact

I woke today after seeing the PM on the news giving that speech that closed the industries that have the largest Casual working pool. My wife’s work then called up at 10 am telling her that she is stood down till further notice. My kids do not really understand what the impact of this is. She was going to go down to Center Link and as we drove past there was a line up out the door. My wife’s sister is working at the same place and is in the same boat.

With me, I work as a Drug and Alcohol Worker. and our unit is in Lockdown until further notice. So I still have a job for the short term. This is conditional on 3 things if any one of those three events happens then we too are closing down. We are taking extra courses to deal with our knowledge surrounding Covid 19.

I went to town today and besides Center Link, the City was a ghost town. The food court was empty, all the eateries were closed. The shops that were open, the people behind the counter all wore latex gloves. Furthermore, the shops all had hand sanitiser on the counters for customers to use. Also, people that were in town were practising the 2-meter distance. So you can see that Orange is doing the best to follow the government’s instruction. Granted the shelves are still empty of toilet paper, paster, and rice. 

Walking past some of the shops. I would look in and see the shop keepers looked down and had their heads down on the counter. What was a bustling plaza is like nothing I have ever seen.

Although the media is not talking about it I know we are in a recession. The Australian dollar is down to almost half it was a year ago. Billions have been taking off the stock market. To boot it off even better the interest rates have dropped yet again last week. All I can say is this is a buyers market if you have the money to spend, otherwise, it is the worst time ever for people in the middle. What I mean to say is that the business owners are getting Government grants. People on Centrelink payments, ie, the unemployed and unemployable will be getting a spending bonus of $750 at the end of the month, and again later in the year.

This Business, of having an online secondhand shop, was a hobby for me and something I enjoy doing. I like the game and I love a lot of this beautiful stuff that is here on this web page. I put a lot of my time into this website. But now with the impact of Covid19 I will be relying on the income from this site. I have noticed that from the time Covid19 was announced there has been a tern down in the number of people looking through my page. I can understand this because an estimated 100,000 people have become unemployed in the last 4 days. and I would not be surprised that it will double by the end of the week.

I was going to have an online auction on this page to promote more sales. However, there is a Make an Offer button on each item. So I have changed my mind about this. If you wish to ask if I would drop my price with the items feel free to make an Offer. This is the safest way to buy.


If you see an Item you like or have something to say about an item. feel free to leave a comment on the item. Perhaps you know a fact about the item that I or others may not know 🙂

Stay healthy and be safe.

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Trip Home – Looking for a Wiper

I had to travel about 3 hours to Penrith to pick up mu Foster Child from seeing his dad. This was just after a night shift at work. Yes I have a full time job as a Drug and Alcohol Worker (D&AW). Energy drinks in times like this are my best mate. All went well going to Penrith with my wife riding shot-gum.

On our way back home it started to rain a bit. The first precipitation for months. This is when I desperately needed new windscreen wipers. I stopped off at 5 different service stations. 

When one stops at a service station one would expect to find those essential things that cars need. Like oil, wipers, blinker lights, and stuff like that, along with snacks.

Well this is not so, and I quote “You need to go to places like supper cheap auto for that stuff”. If you break down after closing time, you are stuffed.

I had to wait till today to get new wipers.

I just could not believe it. did I wake up in an alternate universe or have things really change that much. Granted I did not need to buy anything for the car in an emergency for a long time.

Well, there you go… A day in the life of..



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What does it take to Post an Item?

What does it take to Post an Item?

I have been asked often about what it takes to post items?

  • As you can see I need to take photos of each item.
  • Crop each picture and then reduce the size of the to make the size less than 1 meg in size.
  • Weigh each item and then measure it, so that postage can be calculated.
  • Upload the pictures.
  • Write the title and short description.
  • Once this is done, I wrap the item and box it waiting for the sale.
  • Catalogue the item so I know where the item is stored.
  • Then when the item is sold, I retrieve the item from storage.
  • Bubble wrap the items.
  • Box the item.
  • Take the item to the post office and send it.

It takes about 15 minutes to put one item up on the web page. Anyone that has ever sold something of FaceBook or eBay knows what it takes.

This why I was so proud of the long work of reaching 3000 items for sale on the web page. Just think 3000 X 15min = 45000 minuets.

or 750 hours of work, that’s not including so many other items that were already sold.

Unlike so many other Eshop pages, I have one-off items, as the nature of the secondhand business. While I do have another full-time job. Time to post items is hard to find at times.

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OMG – When things just do not work


I installed a plugin so that other people (Vendors) may also sell their items on my web page. I wanted to do this for free to those with an ABN. BUT…

I took in a deep breath of Oxygen.

I almost set fire to the computer so that it would burn like Magnesium.

The plugin had a great right-up about it. Lots of great reviews. But it looked good from the front end, that what all of you, the visitors, to this web page could see. But on the back end, that is a different story.

I could no longer write these blog postings.
I could no longer post items up on the page.
I could not edit my pages.

Really, in short, My page fell apart on the back end. I can only say that I am so glad that I made a backup of the page before I installed the plugin. 

I am sorry the page was down for about a day. But these things happen… Hopefully not that often. 

Thankfully any purchases that were made were recorded and they will be sent out ASAP. This all happened on the 6th of December 2019.