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News – 11th of November to the 19th 2020

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

I will be going into surgery on the 11th and will not be back on my feet till the 19th. If anyone has bought anything during this time I will not be posting anything till I am well enough.

I am sorry for the inconvenience buy My health is paramount to me.

1 thought on “News – 11th of November to the 19th 2020

  1. Had my surgery today… I can’t talk, I can’t feel my tong or mouth… I am on soft food for a week. I am not a lowed to drive for another 2 days. Granted I would not want to If I could…

    My wife came to Hospital to pick me up and came with Baby food… The RNs pissed themself laughing- I flipped the bird.

    If you are wondering – I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled.

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