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The Dangers of Dealing online.

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As a secondhand dealer when buying white goods, that is fridges, freezers, washing machines, and dryers, I would agree on a price. But I would never pay for the items until I see the item working as it should. Yes, I too have been bitten, conned, or scammed a few times over the years. Such as the fridge that never stopped running. The thermostat was broken and did not cut off the motor when it reached the desired temperature. Or the washing machine that we tried out in the back yard, I did not see the leak from under the housing, because the water went straight to ground.

When I sell items online I have my reputation to worry about. I know that it only takes a customer that is unhappy to give me a bad reputation. I also have an ABN (Australia Business Number) with a registered business name.

When buying from a private person ALWAYS request a public place to exchange the item and money. Not too long ago a man went to a person’s home to buy a phone and got robbed for everything he had on him, the seller also ransacked the car he was driving. To make matters worse is that he met the buyer at a house that was not even the sellers home. This story was on TV not that long ago on Australia’s Current Affairs. This ensures your safety and you have the opportunity to try the item out. If they really want to sell the item to you they will not be in a hurry to leave.

I function like eBay and other E-commerce stores that you may visit.

You the Buyer sends me the money and then I post the item, packed as best I can. You know my address, my phone number, my email, my ABN. This is a business I love and have done for many years. I wish I still had a “bricks and mortar” shop so I can talk with customers directly. Many times I do on this platform as well because either they call me or they call them and have great conversations each time.

I have been playing around with the idea of inviting other people/businesses to become vendors on my E-commerce store, but I get that feeling, and question if it is worth it. I would love to have this as a free place for vendors to also sell their secondhand items.

  • But can I trust them?
  • Will they give me a bad name?
  • Will they represent the items correctly?
  • Will they respect the customers?

I have a few people in mind to join me as vendors. however, 3 of them are computer illiterate, and another is in a different country. All I can say is think of your safety first and then think of the quality of the item. Because as the law stands in Australia when the deal is done, you the buyer will have a very difficult time getting a refund if you are unhappy with the item.

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