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When to call a dealer when disposing of items?

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I have seen for my self so often on the social media pages that people are selling some antiques for more than what they are worth. They will be disappointed when people will talk them down or the item will just not sell at all. Whoever there are some people that have some genuine rare antiques that they sell for a song and will be sold within an hour. So this is when you need to call a dealer.

To give you an example there was an old washing copper on a Buy, Shop and sell page. Coppers are really not that rare or expensive. But if it is a riveted copper, with a row of rivets around the bottom circumference, then up the side. That type of copper is really rare, made around the 1850s. That copper was sold for $50 online if they would have come to a dealer and just asked for a value. That type of copper sells for around $700.

When to call a dealer?

When you are trying to dispose of a deceased estate, call a dealer. I have heard of people just hiring a garbage skip and just dump everything. I was told about old pennies and LPs just being tossed away. Time may not have been on their side. However, it would have only been a phone call and a dealer or auctioneer would have been over to give service or advice. I do understand that if you have grown up with the items around you, and you may think that “it’s just junk that grandma hoarded away”. That is still no reason to throw away the potential of thousands of dollars just so you can get home a day earlier.

When to call a dealer?

When your emotions are getting the better of you. I heard a story from a customer about how emotions can cause greater harm to the rest of the family. When there is a will there is a family dispute. I have personally seen good families fall apart over one or two items in an estate. There was an estate that was ordered to go to the auction by the courts because the family could not agree on the dispersion of the items. there was a small rocking chair that was made of clothes pegs that two family members were bidding on and it finally sold for $90. when in fact you could buy one for about $2 at any novelty shop. All I can say is that relationships are far more important than stuff. Sentimental attachments should be with the family, not stuff.

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