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Hero’s Journey Step 11 – Becoming the Master of Two Worlds

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When facilitating groups about this stage, I got many answers. When in the progress of change we now the old world that we came from and we are new in this new world that we are just starting. This is the answer that I get. So when addressing those that are recovering addiction they say “The world of being an addict and the world of being clean”. When addressing professionals they see it as the world of ignorance apposed to the world of knowledge. I am sorry to say but this is not the case.

If we talk to any psychologist or therapist they will tell you that in order to have good interpersonal skills you must have good intrapersonal skills. Thus to be a master of the world you must master the world within first. To be able to control your own emotions you have the ability to steer and be mentally present during interactions with others.

Being a master of your self is the only power that one must find. This power will grant you what is in your heart. Only a true master will see that the trappings of this world is folly. That love and peace is the only pursuit worthy to fostering. There is great responsibility of being a master. This is that your life is a work of art, and like all artists in the course of creating, we see improvements, touch up’s, and modifications that we can accomplish. As once we see that we can and must change our self masters do not stop improvements. Asking our self with every encounter, “What can I improve”?

Improvements do not need to be big course corrections, just kept consistently. At first we do not see the consequences of our actions, but as a master we see that everything we put out has a positive or negative consequence. We know that an improvement is needed if the consequence is negative either on our self or on others. For when we profit by our actions and what we say, others should also profit. Like wise, when we help others grow we too profit.

A true mast does not look for drama and will not create drama. Nor will they seek out mischief upon others. The are courageous and choose their words well, and go directly to the source of problems and try to correct any misunderstanding. A master congratulates others in public and corrects others in private.

Others that the master has as companions in life will say that they are truly talented in their passions or can calm others with ease. Even here the Master will see improvement even amongst the acclamations of others. For a Master will see pride as a fault within. Practice and continues practice coupled with insight and corrections is the path of a Master. The path of a Master is to master the self is continuously. What a Master considers a small change or correction, others will see as large, because negative consequences are lessened, and the positive is enhanced.

Can a Master be created my themselves alone?

Not really. We only know our self by looking in a mirror. Others are the mirror for which we can see the affect of our actions. and even then we must be challenged to look at our self. It is far to comfortable not to look at our self and blame others for our actions. This is akin to stating “I love being a slave to the emotional control of others”.

This is why a Hero never travels alone. We need others to help us correct our course and remind us of the path we are traveling. This is why it is so important to surround our self with people that help our growth. You can see that Jesus spoke of this. The parable of the seed falling on the stone path, the seed in falling in the thick scrub and weeds, the seed falling on fertile ground. Even the Master needs pulling up from time to time.

My grandfather once told me that life is like being in a paddle boat fighting the current. Once we stop paddling we will go backwards and loos what we have gained and it will take perseverance to get back what we lost. For we are not just fighting the current, we are also fighting our own self pity for the stupidity. Falling back into the default behaviour is enticing by forgetting one’s self and being remiss in self discipline.

Even when the Hero self initiates the journey, A team of companions soon gathers. and you must never forget that others are a Heroes on their own journey. The team of companions help each other emotionally. The Mentor may not be seen as a mentor but may have another title such as, Boss, Teacher, Coach, or Prison Guard. But as a Master with others you are a Mentor. Just as I being a Therapist for some 17 years, I am a mentor for new staff that come on board. Having made all the mistakes that they are yet to do, I can help them avoid that land mines that await, or comfort them when they are made. Help them learn from the mistakes. But as a mentor I am still learning to correct my self, as stated above.

The end game of the Hero is to become the Mentor. However, in this life of ours, The Hero is always on a quest, no matter how small or how large. For me I have bought a block of land. A city dweller living on the land. I am learning about fencing and finding mentors in the most unusual of places. I will next convert a container to a green house. I have never welded metal before, nor have I ever tried aquaponics, though it is something I have started to prepare for. So let the new adventure begin.

The feeling the master has when they go home is that feeling of being an imposter. Firstly The Hero is getting into a new position of a new friend group. Secondly the knowledge and wisdom the master comes back with has changed the hero. So conversations you have with your old friends feel childish, or they just do not understand the concepts you talk about. Finally, you are finding a new group of companions that have gone through what you have years before you and you are now the new kid on the block and feel like you don’t quite belong with them.

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