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Hero’s Journey Step 12 – Receiving the Boon

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We will first talk about the word Boon. Boon is a word that describes an unexpected gift – Boon from or from Collins Dictionary. Hence the term “Boon or Bust market”, where you buy a stock and unexpectedly the market for that share skyrockets, or the opposite the share drops to the point that it is de-listed and you loose your money.

In this context the Hero is so focused on their goal that nothing ells matters but the goal. Thought of how that goal further expands their life is not even a thought or idea. The goal is all there is, it is the be all and end to all. It is being on target, the bulls eye is all that is seen and nothing ells. So when asked about “what will the goal do for you when you reach it?”. The Hero cannot and has never contemplated it. To be fair in this description, the life with the boon cannot be imagined because it is not in the experiential knowledge of the Hero, because it’s new to them.

I have been asked “what does the boon look like?”, and to be frank about this, it is so individualised that it cannot be answered. the best we can do is explain the boon through others. That is, to describe what other’s experience of the boon is.

To start an example. A person enters a drug and alcohol detox center. This person comes in time after time without a direction for the future. their only goal is to get clean. What they want after, there is no direction. To get off all drugs was the only concern. Overtime this person was convinced to enter Rehabilitation. When they were going through rehabilitation, they demonstrated a skill with art. In the process of rehab they also had teaching skills and a wonderful way with people. They soon had students and others painting with them. When they left the unit, they spent time looking for a new place to live and at the same time enrolled into higher education to learn art. It only took a year for them to start getting students to learn to do art. Then they started to sell their art online. All this happened with out a plan or a goal beyond that of getting clean.

There are other examples that I could tell you. But when the goal is accomplished the goal is soon unimportant and the world opens up. Your relationship with your loved ones may improve, you become better at your job and get a promotion or start out on your own. Going to get further education is not out of the question.

You think life is sweet and it just could not get better. But you are not out of it yet. Life is going to get real.

I put this little bit at the end because there is a final test.

The Final Test:

A time will come as soon as you crossed the threshold or till you get all you want or more. You will be tempted with the promise of happiness of your old life. That life you lived in comfortable ignorance of this new life. If it was drugs or alcohol was your thing, then that is what will be offered to you. If it was a life of infidelity, then a gain you will be tempted. The decision you make will make or break you. Boon or Bust.

Then you start your journey again for the same reason. Or you have become the master and you are a mentor for someone else. You start a different hero’s journey.

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  1. May my heros journey begin…
    Thank you Frank for every informative step and guidance

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