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How to sell to a Dealer

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Often when someone is wanting to sell items, they will either overvalue their items due to the items age or sentimental value. Then there is an emotional attachment that may be surrounding the process of the sale. Then the Dealer will either ask you how much you want for the item/s or just give you a direct offer. either way, the seller’s emotions will be heightened. and in some cases act with their Bird Brain or reptilian Brain. This part of the brain encompasses the Amygdala and part of the Limbic System. Hence, the emotions will override the sellers thinking and interpret the offer as an insult or a threat of being “Ripped Off”.

As a seller, you need to treat an offer as a tender for your items. There are always more ways than one dealer to sell to. You are not forced to sell anything if you have planned ahead.

If you treat this as a tender there are a few ways you can do this. You can have it on a per item tender, or bulk buy. There are some dealers that will only do a bulk buy offer on your items. Just remember that you are able to give a counter offer. So if you have 2 dealers offering the same price or similar offer and there is one that you prefer you can go back to them and tell them that you just got an offer of a little more and are they willing to up their offer. Just remember that many dealers know each other and may ring the other one up to see that the seller is not trying to tell a lie about it. If you decide to play one dealer off with the other dealer, this is quite ok because this is like an auction, and the dealers know that you just want the best price you can get for your items.

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