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Trip Home – Looking for a Wiper

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I had to travel about 3 hours to Penrith to pick up mu Foster Child from seeing his dad. This was just after a night shift at work. Yes I have a full time job as a Drug and Alcohol Worker (D&AW). Energy drinks in times like this are my best mate. All went well going to Penrith with my wife riding shot-gum.

On our way back home it started to rain a bit. The first precipitation for months. This is when I desperately needed new windscreen wipers. I stopped off at 5 different service stations. 

When one stops at a service station one would expect to find those essential things that cars need. Like oil, wipers, blinker lights, and stuff like that, along with snacks.

Well this is not so, and I quote “You need to go to places like supper cheap auto for that stuff”. If you break down after closing time, you are stuffed.

I had to wait till today to get new wipers.

I just could not believe it. did I wake up in an alternate universe or have things really change that much. Granted I did not need to buy anything for the car in an emergency for a long time.

Well, there you go… A day in the life of..

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