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Web site Overall – What was done

Hello every one.

This was a big task in all.

You as a customer did not see all the issues that I had in the background of this web page. I have been using the system for about 3 or 4 years without doing a refresh to the web page. so just imagen over the years plugins were installed, I did not like them or did not meet my needs so I deleted them. Then the old plugins would be updated and change things. So if this was a worksite, there are unused tools all over the place, with parts of tools just laying around. This is why the program was tripping over itself just to run well. What you see is a nice worksite, but you only see it from a distance, when you walk into the shed, it’s a mess.

So what I did was make a subdirectory and make the web site again from scratch. Once that was done I did not want to re-enter each item into the new web page. so I had to import the products from the old page. This was not hard just time-consuming. This on its own took 2 days.

Then once that was completed I had to install all the plugins that I do use and have found to be really good.

Then deleting the old web page was easy but then moving the new web page to the web site was the tricky thing. Playing with the config file and the SQL database, and scared that with one mouse click or keystroke the lot is damaged and lost.

Yes Back up were made but that just means more time offline. 

Well, all is good and now all is as it was with the database cleaned up and with no conflicts and the program is not tripping over itself to keep running. 

It is all up there and running well.

If I did not have a decent working knowledge of how this all works, this would have cost me a pretty penny to fix up.

So on with the show.

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