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Hero’s Journey – Step 2 – Meeting the Mentor

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When we are being forced to change or even when change is self-initiated we need a mentor. We are surrounded by mentors all the time, it is just we do not need a mentor so we are not looking out for a mentor. Then a mentor will make themselves known to you.

This is a step that does not act as a step. Mentors in our life come and go as needed. Mentors Help you through each other step that there is on the hero’s journey. In movies and many books, there is the one mentor that helps the hero just for the stories sake, however, that is not the way it is in reality, well not all the time. 

So, what is a mentor?

The mentor is more than a trusted advisor. The mentor gives emotional support and has more belief in the hero’s ability than the hero has in themself. The mentor has been where the hero is now going and has survived the journey. The mentor also challengers the hero to question what they think is right and wrong. The mentor also gives suggestions for alternative ideas or actions.

When a client comes to detox to get off drugs. it is often the person that drives them to the residential unit that is the mentor. They may not have taken the same journey but they are giving emotional support. People can find mentors in the most unlikely of places. Mentors can be the most unlikely people as well.  The mentor could be the police officer that charged the hero for drink driving. The hero wants to get sober but does not know how to ask for help and being charged then ordered to enter Detox and Rehab by the Magistrate may be the best thing that has happened to the hero for a long time.

Who is the Hero?

You are the hero. You are the one taking the journey. You cannot live your life through anyone else’s eyes. Your eyes are the lenses that you see life through. All tests and trials are important to you as you are the one learning the lesson. No one can live life for you. You are the one that makes the decisions that affect your life. You are unique in your experiences and how you have interpreted those experiences. 

What is the Journey?

The journey is anything that takes you out of your normal life and challenges you. This could be a visit to your boss’s office, taking a course at college, or going to Detox and Rehab to give up drugs or alcohol. It can also be a change in living circumstances, from a loss of job or loss of physical ability.

The journey is the adventure of growth. It is never easy. But not taking the journey will always keep you wondering if it was a lost opportunity, with a feeling that there is something missing in your life. These journies are not biased. This means that if you choose to go down the path of being a Saint or a Sinner, all journey have their own trials and lessons, and will change your outlook on life.

You can see the two paths in Starwars, Aniken Skywalker takes the path to the dark side, while Luke Skywalker takes the path to the light. In both journeys the steps are the same, however, the lessons are so different, with their own respective emphasis on moral chouses which affects the journey and outcomes.

The choice is yours. You alone must make the decision. Are you strong enough to take your own journey or will you take the path taken by your friends? 

Will you follow your Bliss?

Will you follow your heart?

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