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Why don’t I use another selling platform?

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While I was at University I did use eBay extensively. I was very happy with the results of eBay. However, I had no expectations of what each item would fetch.  I found that when I had a $0.99 start on each item, the items sold quite well. I had many disappointments along the way. At the time you could put up 10 items for free per month and then after that pay $0.20 cents for each item thereafter. Then came the commission and then the PayPal fees.

Now do the sums – I have 3500 or so items on this page. at $0.20 cents each. That’s $700 dollars just for insertion fees back then. I would be doing all the hard work posting it all on eBay and then they would still charge me commission. Thus I would be working for eBay and PayPal. Now I use PayPal only, however I would rather Direct Bank Transfer. Also I have more control over my shop and the rewards I give customers. I do like eBay because of the rating system that they give people. And I am proud of my rating on eBay.

I like this platform because I can put up on this web site what I want, within reason. Thus I have more autonomy on my own platform. Granted I have to spend more money advertising. However, this too is can be free on social media. 

As this is a hobby or a bit more than a hobby, I love doing this. Please compare my prices with eBay or Gumtree. I know some things are a lot cheaper, and some may be a bit more. There is a make an offer button for you to use. 

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