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The Index of My Hero’s Journey Posts

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Over the time I have made posts about the Hero’s Journey. I have enjoyed writing about the subject. I have found it important for clients to know where they are on their journey and what to expect next. All the other educational groups that we do in the facility where I work fit in to this pattern and provides the tools to deal with at the time they are needed on the road the hero walks.

I would look forward to make a program with lesson plans for D&A recovery that match the Hero’s Journey. So keep an eye on this page.

So here are the links to all the pages on this site that I wrote about the Hero’s journey:-

Hero’s Journey – Step 1 – The Normal World

Hero’s Journey – Step 2 – Meeting the Mentor

Hero’s Journey – Step 3 – Refusing the Journey

Hero’s Journey – Step 4 – Crossing the First Threshold.

Hero’s Journey – Step 5 – Into the Belly of the Beast

Hero’s Journey – Step 6 – The Road of Trials

Hero’s Journey – Trials – Part 1: Personality

Hero’s Journey – Trials – Part 2: Personality Within

Hero’s Journey – Trials – Part 3: Approach

Hero’s Journey Step 7 – Death

Hero’s Journey Step 8 – Descent into the underworld

Hero’s Journey Step 9 – The Challenge

Hero’s Journey Step 10 – Crossing the threshold back

Hero’s Journey Step 11 – Becoming the Master of Two Worlds

Hero’s Journey Step 12 – Receiving the Boon

The Hero’s Journey – The Trials of Becoming a Master

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